Mammography Van Inauguration

In a significant stride towards healthcare accessibility and cancer prevention, the MOC Cancer Care Foundation has collaborated with SBI General Insurance Co. Ltd. and Tata Capital Ltd. to launch a mammography van. This initiative aims to address the pressing need for early detection and intervention in breast cancer cases, particularly among the under-served communities.

SBI General Insurance Co. Ltd. and Tata Capital Ltd. have generously supported through their CSR Initiative, the acquisition of the mammography screening van and equipment. This van is equipped with mammography screening equipment and will be staffed with trained medical professionals to conduct screening camps effectively. This van is also equipped to screen women for cervical cancer and oral cancer.

The primary objective of this initiative is to provide subsidized / free cancer screening services to women across urban and rural Maharashtra. The initiative aims to bridge the gap in healthcare access and raise awareness about the importance of early detection in combating breast cancer, cervical cancer and oral cancer.

The screening camps are strategically planned to reach diverse communities across rural and urban Maharashtra. These camps will be set up in busy neighbourhoods, markets, and community centres to maximize outreach. The van shall travel to remote villages and conduct camps in the rural areas under collaboration with local healthcare authorities and community leaders. In the past, Hundreds of women have benefited from the screening camps, with many cases of early-stage cancer detected and referred for timely treatment.