On October 21, 2023, we had a really fun Garba dance at MOC Ghatkopar Centre. It was a day full of joy and smiles for everyone, whether they were patients staying in the hospital (IPD) or just visiting (OPD).
We asked everyone to join the Garba dance – we wanted to spread happiness to all. The day started with great music, and people of all ages came to the dance floor to show their Garba dance moves. Some danced in the usual way, while others added their own special style. This mix of dances made the day extra special.
We had a very special guest from Kenya who was in the hospital. He joined the Garba dance with a lot of excitement and happiness. He had never tried Garba before, but he loved it and showed it with his dance moves.
People from different backgrounds and cultures came together to celebrate and share their happiness. It was a day to remember.
This day was all about celebrating our culture and coming together like one big family. It reminded us that happiness doesn’t have any boundaries, and dance and music can bring people from different places closer.

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