On November 8th, we organized Fun and Recreational activity at Kemps Corner Centre for our fellow warriors fighting against cancer. It was a day filled with good vibes and happy moments.
We started things off with some feel-good songs, setting the mood for a great time. The highlight was a fun game of Houji that got everyone laughing and enjoying themselves.
After the games, we invited everyone to share something special if they wanted to. It was heartening to see people dance, share their love stories, and crack jokes. Our community showed real strength and brought a mix of emotions to the table.
Adding to the fun, some volunteers from the group showcased their talents, making the day even more special.
As we cranked up the music, the centre turned into a dance floor. Participants got their groove on, and some even joined in for a lively round of Garba, making the celebration even more lively.
Overall, it was a break from the tough times of fighting cancer. The day was all about sharing joy, building connections, and standing strong together.

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