On Saturday, October 7th, 2023, at 11 a.m. in the morning, we organized a Fun and Recreational Activity at MOC Ghatkopar center, aiming to uplift the spirits of cancer warriors and enhance their overall well-being and quality of life.
Participants were paired up into groups of two people. During this interactive session, each participant had the opportunity to introduce their partner, sharing their partner’s name, location, and their partner’s hobbies. This activity fostered connections and lifted spirits by promoting positive interactions among the attendees.
Following the introduction session, we engaged in enjoyable games with our patients. These games not only brought laughter and joy but also contributed to improving the overall well-being of our cancer warriors. The lively and engaging atmosphere helped reduce stress and anxiety.
Cancer warriors showcased the incredible talents individually. This gave them the opportunity to share their unique abilities, inspiring others and reinforcing the message that they are not defined by their illness.
The event also included a music segment where some of our patients showcased their dance moves to their favourite tunes. This not only spread joy and enthusiasm throughout the gathering but also contributed to enhancing the overall promoting physical activity and emotional well-being. Additionally, a delightful 10-minute session of Garba and Lavani added a cultural touch to our event, celebrating diversity of Indian tradition.
To conclude our memorable day, we dedicated some time to gather feedback and receive valuable suggestions from our patients. This feedback will be instrumental in shaping our upcoming activities, ensuring that we continue to meet the objectives of uplifting cancer warriors’ spirits, enhancing their well-being, motivating them for treatment.
The estimated budget for organizing this event was 9,450, but the actual expenditure incurred amounted to 8,450.
Within the allocated budget, we allocated Rs. 8,000 for providing lunch to both the patients and their relatives, with the remaining Rs. 450 dedicated to purchasing smiley balls as thoughtful gifts for the patients.

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