On Saturday, October 28, 2023, the MOCF organized a music therapy session for cancer patients at the MOC Ghatkopar center, scheduled for 11 o’clock. The guest therapist leading the session was Binal Shah. She initiated the session with a brief introduction of herself and encouraged the patients to introduce themselves. Following these introductions, Binal distributed musical instruments to each participant and commenced the therapy.

Binal explained the process to everyone: she would set the rhythm of the music by clapping or tapping, and the participants would then replicate the rhythm using the instruments in their hands. She then divided the group into two teams and provided instructions to each group individually.

The session began with Binal creating rhythms through tapping and clapping, gradually transitioning into singing. She sang the notes SA, RE, GA, MA, PA, DH, NI, SA, and, as previously instructed, the participants copied her by playing their instruments. Binal took the time to emphasize the significance of this activity and its therapeutic benefits.

At the conclusion of the session, Binal asked everyone to close their eyes and guided them through “Brahmani Pranayama,” which involved sounding the OM mantra in two different ways. The first involved inhaling and vocalizing OM with a full voice, while the second required inhaling and producing a buzzing sound, similar to a honeybees.

After that, Binal continued to create a peaceful atmosphere by playing a soothing tune on the tongue drum called “RAG BHOPALI.” The gentle sounds of the drum had a calming effect on the participants, making them feel like their inner selves were in sync with the music.

When Binal played “RAG BHOPALI” softly, everyone stayed relaxed. But when the music became more powerful and louder, something interesting happened. The participants’ bodies naturally tried to match the rhythm and feeling of the music. Many people shared their thoughts about this experience during the Q&A session.

To conclude the session, Binal shared a regular schedule for everyone to follow. Afterward, we wrapped up the event with some snacks and took a group picture.

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